How to access

Labour management allows companies to select the worker's profile and recruit the resources most appropriate to their exigencies for a limited or unlimited period of time, it is a simple, fast and efficient process that consists of three stages.



Approval of the worker

The user (or client company) submits a specific request to the Manager (the Employment agency) to hire the worker most appropriate to its exigencies. The client will then approve the choice of the worker.

Preparing labour management

The commencement of a new work relation using the labour management service is extremely easy and safe: all documents are available and are managed directly on the web portal for the purpose of shortening the deadlines of beginning of the collaboration.

Tomasi HR’s consultants are always willing to help the clients find necessary information and documents

Immediate saving

For the User, to benefit from labour management is to recruit a worker who best suits their specific exigencies, in the shortest amount of time, at low costs and with full liberty in what regards the contract term.

The ease of the service makes labour management the best choice for all companies who embrace a contemporary view of flexibility and development.



Online necessary documentation

Rapidity and efficiency can often make the difference in business.

That is why Tomasi HR has chosen to make available for its clients an instrument that can maximize these aspects and increase the production of goods and services.

By means of a web portal that uses the latest technologies all the clients have their own reserved space where they can manage all the documents and contractual obligations online.

For example, a new work relation may be activated directly from the portal, by managing the data and the document flow in a simple, fast and safe manner.

By using the digital signature and the OTP (One time password) type of instruments, you can eliminate the hard copy document flow and sign your own documents directly on the web, within the dedicated portal.

Functionality and processes that can be managed through the dedicated portal

  • Starting a new employment relation: agencies can tackle personnel-related exigencies quickly and spontaneously. It is sufficient to introduce the data of the needed worker and the afferent documents in the portal, to be able to start the activation process for a new employment relation, at the end of which the contracts will be signed digitally online.

  • Extension of the management contract: similarly, the client can autonomously request the extension of a due employment contract.

  • Management of attendance records: you can manage the attendance of the managed workers directly online, without exchange of other documents through other channels.

  • Invoicing: the client will have invoices at hand within the portal and will be able to download or see them easily online at any time.

Client's advantages

  • Contracts activation and document signing at any moment of the day directly via web or via the number active 24/7
  • Maximum transparency and ease in contacting the client
  • Maximum efficiency and safety in all signing processes
  • Much faster procedures owing to process automation 
  • Possibility to access your own private space even from smartphone and tablet

Who is Tomasi Group ?

For more than 18 years now, Tomasi Group has provided labour force for its international clients in the main European countries. Specialized in the employment of qualified workers, the company is constantly informed and aware of the national and international labour legislation and particularly of the temporary employment related legislation. The clients who use the services of Tomasi Group can rely on a punctual, trained and transparent partner.

Why choose Tomasi HR ?

Presently, the main objective of companies in general is to focus on their basic activities by developing  new products and searching for new markets, both national and international. Globalization forces us to devise more and more effective short and mid-term strategies.  In this context, Tomasi HR qualifies as a partner, by managing the human resources department in outsourcing regimen and thus, removing all the problems related to this field.