What is it ?

Labour management refers to the professional supply of workforce under a contract entered by and between an employment agency (manager) and the beneficiary company (user).

It is therefore a contract whose scope is an employee’s labour being made available to the user when said employee is employed by the agency.            

The labour management contract involves three parties: the labour management agency, the user (the using company) and the employee. Therefore two contracts must be entered:

  • A Commercial contract, between the manager (the employment agency) and the user (the beneficiary company);

  • The Employment agreement proper, between the manager (the employment agency) and the worker.


1 – Guaranteed reduction of personnel costs:
Employment of the worker in a different EU state allows significant saving in terms of corporate employment costs. Different fiscal obligations and the diverse taxes result in safe and tangible saving.
2 – The possibility to hire workers from all the EU countries:
With a few minor legislative differences, you can hire personnel from any European Union country, even from the states that have recently accessed  the Community. As a matter of fact, by virtue of the free movement of goods and services within the EU, any company has the right to employ personnel of any nationality from the European Union.
3 – Personnel flexibility:
Labour management performed by employment agencies gives the user significant  flexibility and freedom to benefit from the worker's services only for a determined duration, without the obligation of a long- term (or indefinite) relationship with the worker.
4 – Observance of the labour legislation:
Employment agencies, for example TOMASI HR, are agencies duly authorized to perform the management service by the Ministry of Labour in the country where they have their residence or they are subordinated to the national and European Community valid legislation.
5 – Online necessary documentation:
Rapidity and efficiency can often make the difference in business. That is why,Tomasi HR has chosen to make available, for its clients, an instrument that can maximize these aspects and increase the production of goods and services.
6 – Zero management costs:
The user has no internal management costs, as all the competencies are determined by the Agency.

Who is Tomasi Group ?

For more than 18 years now, Tomasi Group has provided labour force for its international clients in the main European countries. Specialized in the employment of qualified workers, the company is constantly informed and aware of the national and international labour legislation and particularly of the temporary employment related legislation. The clients who use the services of Tomasi Group can rely on a punctual, trained and transparent partner.

Why choose Tomasi HR ?

Presently, the main objective of companies in general is to focus on their basic activities by developing  new products and searching for new markets, both national and international. Globalization forces us to devise more and more effective short and mid-term strategies.  In this context, Tomasi HR qualifies as a partner, by managing the human resources department in outsourcing regimen and thus, removing all the problems related to this field.